Friday, September 13, 2013

The advantages of cutting gable ends with an inline miter shear while rollforming your metal building panels.

Cutting gable ends in the field can be time consuming, increase the risk of damage and creates unnecessary waste.

The following video shows our Hayes International Post Cut panel rollforming machine with an integrated miter shear. This line was configured as a post cut with the ability to produce short straight and mitered cut sheets.  The operator is able to enter their cut list into the Beck SII control, or download the list from the office, then run the building pack with gable ends being processed inline.  When a miter is cut, opposite comers of the building are produced. With the stacking system,  each corner of the building is stacked separately, eliminating the need to sort panels on the job site.  With a 4 on 12 pitch, 1 linear foot of steel is saved per miter cut.
These post cut shears can be designed for pitch specific cuts to produce a good quality cut.  This pivoting shear is rafted, so when running other pitches it is easily removed and a different pitch shear is mounted.

Integrating gable cutting into your roll forming operation can save steel, installation time in the field and require less material handling. If you would like more information on gable shears or products from The Bradbury Group, contact us by clicking the button below or go to our download page for literature and technical information.
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